Friday, 17 April 2015

Chris Brown shares photo of his adorable daughter.

The proud daddy of the ten month old, today posted a picture of himself and his beautiful daughter Royalty. The caption reads: God has blessed me with my twin. #Royalty.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Kanye and kim yet another fight

More Fight For Kimye

Kanye West Asks Kim Kardashian To Leave Mother’s House

kimye fight over living in mother-in-law Kris Jenner's California Home as it becomes too small to take them Kanye West and Kim Kardashian continue to fight over their accommodation situation. Reports now claim the rapper has asked his wife-to-be to leave her Keeping Up With The Kardashians Show’s shooting for a while so they could sort out their living conditions.According to RadarOnline, "Kanye is tired of living with his mother-in-law Kris Jenner in California as their Bel Air home undergoes renovations. The rapper had a major falling out with Kim over their living arrangements.”Other reports coming from NOW Magazine in UK claim Kanye has begged Kim for some time away from her famed TV family and is counting down the days until he can move out! "With her new home still incomplete, bride-to-be Kim upsets Kanye as she admits she’s happy living with her family,” the report revealed.Well, it seems the mother of one is not so bothered about her nagging fiancé at all as she loves being with her family! However Kim appeared to confirm the news! "It’s the family dynamic. There's a huge family constantly coming in and out of that house. It’s a lot to take! That’s why recently Kanye and I went to Paris, just the two of us, and let my family watch our daughter, North," Kardashian is quoted as telling the magazine.The couple are currently residing in Jenner’s Califomia home with their daughter Northand Kim’s younger sisters Khloe, 29, Kendall, 18, and Kylie, 16, until their mansion is completed later this year - hopefully.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Strike! FG, ASUU to meet today.

THE Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, will meet today on the ongoing strike embarked upon by university lecturers over the non- implementation of the 2009 FG/ASUU agreement.
This came against the backdrop of Minister of Labour and Productivity, Chief Emeka Wogu’s denial of a newspaper report that the Federal Government agreement with ASUU could not work.
The minister said he never made such a statement and that he only appealed to the union to return to the classrooms while negotiations continued.
Last week, the two opposing sides had met with the Senate and House of Representatives Joint Committee on Education to find a solution to the crisis, so students could go back to school, but the meeting ended in deadlock and the two groups were told to go back and review their positions to come back on a latter date.
But the Minister of Education, Professor Ruqayyatu Rufa’I, while fielding questions from newsmen, yesterday, disclosed that the Federal Government had no other option than to meet with the union to resolve the crisis, so students can return to school.
Prof. Rufa’I said:   “Government has no option but to make efforts to resolve ASUU crisis. Mr. President is concerned, everybody is concerned, definitely, efforts will have to be made to have students back in classrooms.
“So we are pleading with our colleagues in ASUU to call off the strike but we are meeting with them, we are meeting tomorrow (today).
President of Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, Dr. Nasir Fagge, has said Nigeria’s economy had been taken over by Chinese as leaders in Nigeria have refused to provide quality education to the people, while the Chinese government trained its people in all sectors with the necessary facilities.
Dr. Fagge in an interview with Vanguard said Nigeria’s economy will continue to dwindle except leaders of the country provided universities with adequate facilities to give qualitative education to the youths.
He said: “The thing about it is that, if other countries are investing about 28-30 per cent of their annual budget in education, typically Ghana, even this year, Ghana has committed 28 per cent of its total budget to education, if they can do it, why not Nigeria.
“Is it because we are under the dictates of IMF and World Bank, don’t we want to do what is right, must our children continue to go to Ghanaian university for education, must our people be leaving our country, be brain-drained to other countries to go and develop their economies, must we continue this way”?
“Even now, what is happening is that the Chinese have taken over our economy simply because they have trained their people, they have educated their people and their people can compete any where in the World that is why our President is going to China to go and sign MoU (Memorandum of Understanding).
“Why cant we do the same, why cant we train our people and give them quality education so that we will also be exporting them to go and carry out assignments in other countries and then bring foreign exchange for our country and then we will not need to be importing people to come and do some sundry projects in our country.
“Most of the key contracts now are being forwarded to Chinese companies; all our companies are down simply because we have not paid high premium to our education sector that is what we are saying. Are we happy with what we are producing as graduates? We are not that is what we are crying out for.
“Let people understand that it is the pride of an intellectual to produce a well rounded intellectual who is even better than himself, but that is not what we are having. We are having people because we don’t have the facilities to give them state of-the-art training and we are crying out and people are telling us all sorts of things.”
ASUU president, who expressed optimism that the agreement the union entered into with the federal government would be implemented, also decried the moving in droves of Nigerian students to Ghana, since he country paid more attention to the education sector.
“This thing that they are saying agreement cannot be implemented, we have heard it before. Prof. Ben Nwabueze was always in the media when he was the Minister of Education saying that it was an agreement of imperfect obligation,” he said.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Scoop from the “Africa’s Next Top Model” Media Event in Lagos! | Find Out What Supermodel Oluchi Orlandi said about the TV Show

After all the buzz surrounding the premier of the Africa’s Next Top Model reality TV show, I was especially happy to finally be at the press conference. After all, after the press conference comes the main event. With months of planning and preparation finally coming to a close, the gorgeous ANTM producer and host Oluchi Orlandi sat down with members of the press to talk about the biggest thing in Africa right now. Dressed in a laid back Deola Sagoe jumpsuit with turban to match, the 6ft model arrived at the Federal Palace hotel conference room and took her seat right beside the ANTM scouting manager – Maria Arrington. From questions about the judges to expect to why she decided to shoot production in South Africa and not Nigeria, the model kept her composure while dropping little jokes to keep the conference upbeat. She explained that they cannot give too much away, but will say that we might get to see a lot of African faces like Iman, Duro Olowu and of course Tyra Banks. On the question from the Style Mania Magazine team on her choice of production location, she simply stated that professionally she believes South Africa has more to offer in terms of modelling. They have been in the industry longer and have more grounds for fashion and modelling, so it only made sense. However, this does not mean that season 2 may not be produced in Nigeria or any other African country. Explaining more on the kind of show to expect, Maria was quick to explain in her American accent, that the show will be just like its American counterpart, but with an African flair. The competition is open to all sizes of models but they must meet the height requirement of 5ft 7 to qualify and of course have the beauty and brains for it. Questions about the photo shoots we had seen in other cycles of America’s Next Top Model, and if we are to expect the same here. It turns out that not only would we get to see fabulous shoots by African photographers such as Kelechi Amadi Obi, but the models may get to travel to Egypt and New York. On a close to final note, Oluchi stated that the main reason for the show is to boost the African image. ANTM has been to other countries like Britain & Ireland, Romania, Australia etc and she believes that Africa should not be left out. We has a lot to offer the modelling world. Nigerian auditions held on Tuesday 23rd July 2013 and according to Oluchi “I dont know what to expect from Nigeria, but I am hoping at least a thousand model hopefuls . The best of luck to the model hopefuls. Send your views and articles to:


The royal baby will not only be staying in the palace or have Kate and Prince William as parent, he will also have the hot most eligible bachelor: Prince Harry as uncle.

we need laws to promote education not early marriage... OKEI - ODUMAKIN

Human rights activist and President of the Campaign for Democracy, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin, on Monday said that the Senate’s recent resolution on child marriage violated decency.
Widespread condemnation has greeted an amendment that would allow girls under 18 to get married.
The Senate Committee on the review of the 1999 constitution, through a voice vote on July 16, resolved to alter Section 29(A) of the constitution.
The Senate has, however, deleted age specification, saying a woman was deemed to be of age once she was married, irrespective of her age.
In an interview with NAN, Odumakin urged Nigerians to reject the resolution as it would be an opportunity for “social perverts to further mess up the lives of our young girls.
“It is expected that the Senate will use the opportunity offered by this constitutional amendment to legislate on those issues that will bring Nigeria into compliance with global trends.
“Trends that will ensure compulsory education for all children, particularly the girls who are most vulnerable.
“This in turn will greatly influence and reduce the alarming trend of those factors that are implications of early marriage, particularly cases of Vesico Vagina Fistula, which is common in Nigeria.
“Our demand is that the National Assembly should formally include the minimum universal age of 18 for marriage in its amendment of the constitution and make contrary actions punishable.
“This is a challenging moment for voices of courage to speak out loud and clear to stop this perversion by preventing this legislation from coming to reality.”
Also, Amy Oyekunle, the Executive Director, Kudirat Initiative for Democracy, said it would be an injustice against Nigerian women and girls if section 29 (4)(b) is kept.
According to Oyekunle, the section creates loopholes within which Nigeria could continue to discriminate against half of the population.
She said: “The Senate should adjust the resolution and not cause confusion among Nigerians.”
In the same vein, Deola Abioge, a lawyer, called for the deletion of the section, which deemed a girl under the age of 18 ripe for marriage.
Abioge said: “If a girl can get married under the age of 18,what the Senate is saying is that she also has a right to vote.”Send your press release/articles/enquiries to:

Riri breaks down

As dimond world tour comes to an end, Rihanna is sad to see it come to an end, so sad that she actually broke down at one of her shows saying: "thank you so much, i cant believe this y'all make me so happy, this is everything that matters to me, to stand here and feel the love in this room throughout this entire tour... Its sad that its coming to an end, i hate to say goodbye, you guys showed me so much love, i love you guys.